If You're Into Odd Time Thingies, You're in Luck

Time, the universe, and life marches on. Calendars flip pages, manically, like they do in old movies, only sped up. And every human is powerless to stop or impact the process, so we must observe, remark, admire. And get older. And move ahead.

July 8th is one of those days where the remarking-of-time-based-strangeness is at a high, given that it will be 12:34:56 07/08/09 during the lunch hour. Well, it already was once, in the wee small hours, but we were all likely snoozing and forgot to set our clocks. If we had we would have awoken to honor the moment with a balloon drop and noisemakers. Or, more likely, we would have taken a swig of milk before padding back to bed, yawning.

But time is interesting to us, though some of us more than others. These are the number-obsessed souls who will likely be photographing various clocks on July 8th and posting the pictures to Facebook. And that cheers us. Because in a world gone crazy, one man can't stop time, but he can email all his friends about how often an anomaly like this occurs (not often at all).

Time, today, we salute you.

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