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Outside Lands

THE BIG FEST: Call it the Coachella or Glastonbury Effect. When people these days -- okay, not all people, just some -- think of a gargantuan music festival, a more remote setting tends to spring to mind (perhaps Woodstock started that particular meme). But mondo shows happen in cities, and sometimes a really large spectacular comes to a really large city. You probably know we're talking Outside Lands, and you probably know we're talking San Francisco, and you probably know that the 2011 outing for this huge event is happening from Friday, Aug. 12 through Sunday, Aug. 14. You could very well be there now, because you're excited and you couldn't wait. (We're picturing you standing on the edge of the park, hemming and hawing, wanting everything to start.)

THE 2011 FEST: Here's the line-up, of which no comment is needed: Muse, Phish, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, The Decemberists, Erykah Badu, and many other headliner-y headliners. Phish is playing two sets, which doesn't surprise but does delight. Other things you will want and expect include art, and lots of it, and of the outsider variety, food of every crust and crumb and flavor, and an app. An app would definitely come in hand at Outside Lands. As for the name, you know that's what that particular area of San Francisco used to be called? Outside Lands? Back in the day? Of course you do. Like we said, you're probably there now, all full of pep, ready to get this mega thing rolling.

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