John Cleese's Alimony Tour

A Python gets personal in Glendale.

Perhaps you were entranced with the recent Monty Python IFC series. Or the October release of the remastered "Fawlty Towers" set. Maybe both.

But probably you think and admire and laugh about John Cleese on a daily basis. You're following him on Twitter, we hope. And you're silly-walking straight to the Alex Theatre in Glendale on Saturday, November 14th to see his one-man, musing-packed show.

The program's full, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination name is "John Cleese in A Final Wave at the World (or The Alimony Tour, Year One)," which should say so much. Yes, the British comic went through a much-publicized divorce. And he may well touch upon it, for the Alex web site says Mr. Cleese will talk about "his inability to find a suitable female companion" among other personal topics.

You know he will present all in a funny, moving, and erudite manner, with a crisp cutting tone that will have you in gales. We're in gales already, thinking of him, the evening, and a treasured "Monty Python's Flying Circus" moment. We are referring to, of course, the fish-slapping dance. A favorite of yours, too, we trust.

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