John Hodgman Reading

Bespectacled, wise and deeply droll, John Hodgman is an uber-literate, bookish hero to legions of "The Daily Show" fans (he's often seen sparring semi-unconvincingly with Jon Stewart on topical concerns). Hodgman is also a celebrated author and humorist -- no surprise there -- and he swings by Los Angeles to chat about his second work "More Information Than You Require" (his first, "The Areas of My Expertise," was crammed with arcane listage and offbeat factoids -- all very Hodgman-esque).

We're not sure if the ubiquitous Mac ads that have brought Hodgman wider fame (he plays the stuffy, necktie-wearing PC) inspired any of the "Information" revealed in his sophomore effort. We have heard that the author takes on such easy-to-sum-up matters as The Past and The Future in his new book, as well as hundreds of different names for Mole-Man (Hodgman likes made-up, outlandish monikers, it should be said).

Musician Jonathon Coulton, who shall assuredly lend stage support and songcraft, appears with Hodgman. Note that while this event is being co-presented with Book Soup, along with 826LA, the reading/concert is happening at The Echoplex, which is located behind The Echo. Thursday, November 13, 7:30PM. $27 (a book is included with your ticket, which is available through the Book Soup web site). 1822 W Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. 213-413-8200

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