Just Hillin': NYC + LC = Love + Money

Photo via WWD

Check the sea of photogs and 500 hundred "screaming" fans/shoppers who showed up for Lauren Conrad's personal appearance at NYC's Bloomingdale's flagship! Oh, how NY-ers love to look down on LA, but a whole gang of 'em love, love the privileged blonde with designer ambitions from OC. WWD reports the collection has done so well since it landed in-store in June that it "stirred the store to create a small Lauren Conrad area prominently placed across from a Nanette Lepore shop on the second floor."

Vice Chairman of the retailer Frank Doroff told the fashion trade: "We got it in and sold out immediately. We can't get the merchandise on the floor fast enough. It is, by far, the best-selling celebrity line we have. It's so much better than I thought it would be." Leggings and the cream one-shoulder top she was wearing for the appearance sold out that day. Doroff is now "working with Conrad to create a larger line with more fabric offerings. Conrad said she is already experimenting with silk chiffon and burnout jersey for a future collection." She wants to start doing handbags and accessories for her collection as well.

Conrad also said there will be no more LC reality TV: "after 'The Hills,' there will be no more reality TV for me, and I can't act, so it's not like I would go into acting. I want to keep concentrating on my line and work at making it bigger and better every season." Is that a promise?
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