Dodgers' Yasiel Puig Disappoints in Homerun Derby

The Dodgers' star finished without a homerun -- not what the Target Field crowd paid to see

There's not much to say about Yasiel Puig's performance in the Home Run Derby.

He went 0 for 7. He was shut out. He pulled a Piazza, as in Mike's back-to-back homeless performances.

It was like watching a Ferrari rev up, go two feet and sputter out. There were a lot of we-paid-to-see-that looks in Target Field.

Matt Kemp even cringed.

In the bracket format of this year's derby, Puig did have his one shining moment. Too bad it didn't count.

So, of course, tonight he'll hit one 450 feet in the actual game, polish it off with his patented bat flip and the Derby disaster will be forgiven.


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