LA Ranks on Lonely Planet's ‘Best in Travel 2017'

The new volume lavishes the love on Los Angeles.

LOCAL PRIDE: Everyone loves a spinnable globe, the kind that sits handsomely upon a desk and fills any passersby with the desire to jaunt about the planet. But just about every person who passes a globe will spend a few seconds finding their city, a city that, spoiler alert, has a knack for rather staying in the same spot. Call it the "I can see my house from here!" move, the desire to connect, with a bit of chest-puffing, with the place that is where you live. We do the same with top ten rosters, those lists that rank various destinations for a plethora of reasons. Lonely Planet, those trot-about know-the-world smarties who stylishly share their opining with travelers across this lonely planet, releases a number of top tens each year via a "best in travel" volume, one that stays current on what's happening in tourism, what's best to avoid, and where to spend your travel bucks next. And here it is, local LAers, and stalwart SoCalians: Los Angeles made the #3 spot on the 2017 "Best in Travel" rundown of cities.

ONLY ONE OTHER U.S. CITY... is on the tony collection, and that's Portland, Oregon, at #10. Bordeaux in France is number one, while LA's tagline is "(e)ven more accessible to locals and visitors alike." True, you'll need to purchase the just-released book, which is available as a book, ebook, and by the chapter. However you do it, consider that you'll be on the up-and-up with what's happening on the plane/hotel/attraction/shopping/eating scene, near and far. And as far as "seeing your house from here"? You can read all about what the excellent team has to say about lovely, local- and visitor-accessible Los Angeles, a city that continues its good growth in the areas of art, sports, alternative transportation, and more, more, more. 

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