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We love checking in with Ordinarily Urbane, a top-notch Los Angeles style blog helmed by lovely New Orleans transplant Rachel LaRoche. This DTLA-dwelling lady splits her time between styling, fashion marketing, and getting busy on her personal style blog, which is all about relevant, accessible and uncomplicated style for the everygirl. We caught up with the chic trendsetter to find out if its really possible to never wear the same outfit twice, what it takes to run a style blog these days, and the most difficult thing about doing what she does:

The Feast: Why did you decide to start your blog?
Rachael LaRoche: I started my blog in the Fall of 2009 as a way to connect with other women through fashion and push myself to explore and experiment with my personal style. Some bloggers get started and go crazy buying new clothes to stay on trend, but I did the opposite and used blogging as a way to get creative with what I already had.
What's the most difficult thing about doing what you do?
I put a lot of time and effort into putting together outfits and finding cool locations to take outfit photos at. Sometimes picking out the outfit takes longer than taking the photos! While I wear the same pieces over and over again I try to never wear the same exact look twice.

Where do you live in L.A.?
I live Downtown and love it. It's so pedestrian and dog friendly and there are so many great bars and restaurants, with new ones opening regularly.

What have you been wearing non-stop lately?
Recently I became re-obsessed with my nameplate necklace that my mom had made for me in the 6th grade. It's gold with a little tiny diamond on the end, she had it custom done. It's kind of a glam addition to my casual, lightweight summer wardrobe.

How would you describe your personal style?
Girly modern vintage. Rachel Bilson meets Debbie Harry, styled by Lauren Conrad.

Which local designers do you love?
Wren has been rocking my world for quite some time now. They're doing a collaboration with LA-based handbag designer Clare Vivier, who I also love, this August and I just can't wait for it. Both lines are so fun, spirited and timeless. Seneca Rising is another that I can't get enough of. It's the perfect mix of girly and edgy.

What was your favorite store in the mall when you were 15? And now?
Abercrombie and Fitch and Express back when I was 15. I was a sporty tomboy and lived in those built-in-bra tanks! Now my shopping habits are very eclectic. Hunting for vintage is my favorite - thrift stores, garage sales. I'm not too picky where I find it. For new stuff I like street fairs, sample sales and pop-up boutiques to shop indie and local designers.

Who takes the photos on your blog?
My husband takes all my outfit photos and I take the others at events and such. Most everything is shot with our Canon T2i DSLR and I also have a little Canon S90 for when I'm on the go. I edit using the free online version of Picnik for quick fixes and Photoshop for more complicated edits and effects.

Words of advice to aspiring bloggers?
Create great original content about the things you love, and do it regularly. Be your most authentic self. Interacting with readers and other bloggers enriches the experience of blogging, and it's really the best part!

What are your favorite places to eat, shop, and play in Los Angeles?
I still consider myself an L.A. newbie so I have loved exploring and trying new places. For eating so far I've really enjoyed Wurstkuche is the Arts District and love Garage Pizza in DTLA (I'm a pizza-holic!) and Big Man Bakes for awesome cupcakes. For shopping the Sunday $1 sidewalk sale at Jet Rag in West Hollywood is a great place to find vintage for ridiculously cheap and for cute trendy stuff Santee Alley is just amazing. For playing, I have a ridiculously long list of Downtown bars to check out - Mignon (for wine + cheese), Spring St. Bar (for great beers) and the newly opened Pattern Bar (for great cocktails named after fashion legends) are just a few of the ones I've enjoyed so far.

Fill in: I love L.A. because I can be myself here, but I could go without $15 cocktails.

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