LA to DC by Luxury Train

It's an 11-day journey by several major wonders.

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It's new. So new that the train is still being built in Denver. The website is also still being built. And the first run is over a year away. But the thought of an 11-day, pampered-out train trip from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. -- with a stop at Niagara Falls -- has piqued our interest, and so we're talking about it now.

What we know now: American Railway Explorer, which is based in Colorado, will kick off several multi-day luxury train trips in summer 2011. The trips come in four-day, eight-day, and 11-day increments. The 11-day one, called the Transcontinental Explorer, runs between our nation's capital and Los Angeles, with looks at Shenandoah National Park, Niagara Falls and the Rockies along the way.

The West Coast Explorer, which runs over four days, chug-chugs between LA and Napa. Helloooo, Hearst Castle.

There will be sleeper cars on the train, dome cars, dining cars, a piano. Sing-alongs through the Rockies. Word is the cars are also updated vintage tugs from the '50s.

Prices start at $900 for the LA-Napa jaunt.

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