LA Weekly Turns 30 Years Young with Celebs Galore

You've picked it up once, twice, or every week for the last three decades, thumbing through it, taking in the opinionating and the band ads and the horoscopes and everything else the LA Weekly, our city's famous free-pick-it-up-everywhere-and-anywhere paper, has to offer.

And now the Weekly is very publicly celebrating 30 in a town that hasn't ever embraced that particular age wholeheartedly. ("Logan's Run," anyone?) Bold, LA Weekly, very bold.  It is truly a paper still ahead of its time. The Weekly was alt-ing it up years before other towns tried to give it a go, and it was doing so with style and panache and attitude. Styl-pan-tude? Yes, that's the exact word, we think.

So it stands that some very styl-pan-tude-y people are showing up for LA Weekend!, the paper's big anniversary party (to which the public is also invited). Musician/thinker/poet Henry Rollins will be there, as will that fabulous smarty-pants blogger Wil Wheaton (right, he was in "Next Gen," we know), rocker-actress Juliette Lewis, and foodie phenom Jonathan Gold. There's music, there are readings, there's stuff to look at that's pretty and fashionable and daring. It's really going to be like a living LA Weekly issue taking place right before the eyes.

LA Weekly's LA Weekend!
Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25
Free admission (rsvp info here)
1615 Vine Street, Hollywood

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