LA Weekly’s Pancake Breakfast

Devour the city's top hotcakes alongside Jonathan Gold.

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What's your favorite part of the traditional pancake breakfast?

The melty tower of butter pats? It's a cheerful sight. The carafe of warm syrup? Always sticky but a necessary implement. How about the line? That's our favorite part. The waiting. You get to chatting with the strangers around you, and soon you have their life story and business card. In that order.

Life stories and sticky carafes and butter towers will all melt together in one delicious day on Sunday, Aug. 28. That's when LA Weekly is throwing its first-ever pancake breakfast. And to that we say two things. One, hooray! And two, what took you so long?

Let us say here that we love the LAWee and would never question its to-pancake-or-not-to-pancake choices. We're simply glad they've landed on the pro-pancake side of things.

Several local restaurants will be hotcaking. And no, the fickle finger of Fate did not make the pancake choices; that would be Mr. Jonathan Gold, food-finder extraordinaire. And Mr. Gold's finger is not in anyway fickle but rather studied in the ways of cuisine. If a finger can know such things.

Cost is $25 -- young pancakists ages 3-10 eat for $10 -- and some 20 pancakeries, or places that make really fine 'cakes, will be represented. Vibiana is the place to be and 11 a.m. is the time to be there (hint: best get your ticket ahead of time). And LA Food Bank is a beneficiary. Nice.

Who will you meet in line? What life stories will you learn? Will you love proper on the Weekly? Will you call it the LAWee (said "law-wee") like we do, with affection, even though we should probably curb the habit?

Say yes to all that. But especially say yes to towers of butter pats. Those don't come along nearly enough in this life. 

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