Nick Young Stars in Lakers' Postgame

The LA Lakers won a game, and the mood in the locker room was lighter with Nick Young hijacking cameras to draw laughs

When the Los Angeles Lakers win a home game, the locker room seems like one of the happiest places on earth, and in large part, that is due to Nick Young's infectious and positive personality.

In the Lakers' first home win since Young came back on the team, the man who calls himself "Swaggy P" hijacked the occasion and left teammates and reporters smiling.

As Young walked from the showers to his locker, he passed by Wesley Johnson doing an interview with Time Warner Cable. Still not dressed, Young stuck his face in front of the camera and talked about his screen on Johnson's big three-pointer in overtime. Then, he began to chide his teammate about an air ball before making mention of his own air ball. This was all before Young even got dressed.

When the time came for the camera to focus on Young, he did not disappoint. For starters, he spoke about his parents meeting the parents of Iggy Azalea, his girlfriend. Then, Young spent a moment with a smaller crowd of reporters and joked that he would have 46,000 points in his 20th year. In his 19th year, Kobe Bryant had just hit the 32,000-point mark, and on the night, Bryant had become the first NBA player in history with 30,000 points and 6,000 assists. quickly chimed in and asked Young how many assists he would have. After a reporter suggested "one" and laughed, Young said, "probably 100."

"First player to have 100 assists in 20 years," Young laughed at himself.

Although Young only has five assists for the 2014-15 season, he has a total of 521 assists for his carerr. Then, Young hit NBCLA's camera with the highlight of the night (video above):

"What I need (Bryant) to do is just keep looking for me," Young cracked a smile as he turned to's camera. "Ya'll tell Kobe to pass me the ball or there's going to be problems."

To cap off the display, Young put up both fists like he was set to fight Bryant.

It may have been Bryant's night on the floor, but it was definitely Young's night in the locker room.

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