Undercover Work for Writers Who Drink

Barfly Staff Monitoring Service is looking for writers to do some undercover work. Hitch: you must have bartending experience. From a craigslist ad that landed in my email box:

This is not a published writing job. We are seeking detail oriented, talented writers, with 2+ years behind the bar, to review and report on bars and restaurants in the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County areas. Reports are filled out as a "shopper narrative" on Microsoft Word and Excel files. You must have first hand bartending knowledge, minimal knowledge for basic health code violations and be able to judge accurate pour counts as well as know if a drink is made incorrectly by watching the pour. We are looking for keen observers who will be able to tell if drinks were rung in or not and also be able to judge excellent customer service. For a current client list and to see a sample report, please visit barflysms.com. This job pays $50-$75 for each report (maximum of three per week) plus food, drink and gas reimbursement.

You have to discreetly take notes on your cellphone "without the bartender or server knowing."

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