Let’s Have a Double: National Espresso Day

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There is a National Espresso Day -- that doesn't surprise you, we're hoping, since there's a day for everything edible short of that little bit of dried-up yogurt that's permanently stuck to the refrigerator door -- but it happens in November. Which got us thinking about the Monday after Daylight Saving Time kicks in -- March 9, 2009 this year, except for in Arizona and Hawaii, two places which don't celebrate DST, which charms us for some reason -- and that maybe *that* should be National Espresso Day.

Exhibit A: Caribou Coffee is giving away a free shot of espresso to cranky customers today who are feeling that extra hour of sleep they lost over the weekend. Nice. There are no Caribous in the LA area, or not that we know of, but if you have cranky out-of-state relatives, you know where to send them at once.

Exhibit B: This is completely anecdotal, like 99 percent of everything in this world, but everything and everybody seems moody today. We swear we even saw a dog rubbing its eyes and yawning. And one friend told us that on Friday she warned her coworkers that on Monday she would be in a full-on snit, thanks to that lost hour. More coffee? Please. All around. Tea, whatever. People need a jolt. Or just a nap. Naps are good, too.

So, how 'bout it, keepers of National Espresso Day? Make it a double? One in November, one in early March? We get that November one, now that we're thinking about it. It comes right around Thanksgiving, when we're all full of pie and turkeylicious tryptophan and biscuits. No need to get rid of that espresso-y holiday. Just give us another one.

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