Lights On at Blumhouse of Horrors

One of the season's most talked-about scare spots welcomes families.

Blumhouse of Horrors

To go as a family to a haunted attraction or not? It's one of the great divides of the holiday season.

While grown-ups and kids can and do generally enjoy a lot of the same seasonal events -- yep, those adults you see in the Santa's Workshop line are often there to sit on Kris Kringle's lap -- the one sticking point continues to be the Halloween haunted happening.

If the attractions are done well, they're scary, really scary, and way too intense for the younger set (not to mention the not-so-young set that don't care for jumps and shrieks). So parents sometimes skip the talked-about attractions, meaning that a lot of people who might like something just never show up to see it.

Solution? The special lights-on event. A few mazes and spooky destinations flip the switch from time to time, and this year is Blumhouse of Horror's turn. It's the downtown, vaudeville-flavored spectacle in the Variety Arts Theater that's getting the social media love this fall, in part because it was produced by some of the people behind the "Paranormal Activity" movies.

Eek? Eek.

A number of guests asked about a lights-on option, says the attraction, and Blumhouse obliged. Next up? Tours on Saturday, Oct. 27. The walk-throughs will happen during the nicely bright hours of 2 to 5 p.m. (Meaning there'll be sunshine to soothe any jangled nerves upon exiting the Variety Arts Theater.)

The prices are not-so-jangly either; the rates have been lowered to twenty bucks for grown-ups and ten for children under age 12.

It'll still be pretty scary, believe it, even with the switch flipped; but if your kid has expressed an interest in visiting haunted attractions, perhaps this is the place to test those waters. Still, we might have an ice cream sundae visit planned for immediately after the tour. Actually, ice cream sundae visits should happen after every type of tour, in our book, whether the tours boast scares or not. Right?

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