Local Spot Catches Anne Rice’s Eye

She's a fan of one of our premiere arts venues.


We're tempted to type here "vampires visit the OC," if only because author Anne Rice is still so very much associated with glamorous night dwellers.

And that's pre-pre-pre-Cullen, of course.

But we'll get to the heart of the matter, which is the beautiful Orange County Performing Arts Center getting a shout-out in Ms. Rice's "Angel Time," the latest book in her large, large collection.

We make mention for a couple of reasons. First, Anne Rice, a titan among vampiric authors. Second, Ms. Rice is still much associated with New Orleans, and so to see the OC get the TLC is sweet. Plus, there's a lesson there, aspiring writers. Even if you excel in moody, wrought-iron gothics, your fiction can still vacation in a sunny, palm-laden locale once and awhile. Trade the lace-and-velvet for some shoulder-showing sheath.

And third, we should all support the Center, and be happy when any love comes its way.

"Angel Time" debuted in October 2009.

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