Humans, Orcs, Soldiers Unite for Competitive Weekend

Some of the most nimble thumbs and strategic minds in the world are gathered in Anaheim this weekend.

And they have come to "slay it."

Major League Gaming is the world's largest competitive video game league. Thousands of spectators are expected at the Anaheim Convention Center to witness both amateurs and pros compete at three different video games: Halo: Reach, StarCraft2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Millions of fans around the world will watch the games thanks to online video streams.

Eric Hewitt (alias: Ghostiyami) is captain of Team Carbon, the 15th seed for Halo.

"It doesn't get better than this," Hewitt said.

His teammate Leland Jones (gamer tag: Mimic) said it appeals to his competitive nature.

"To find something where I can play the best people in the world ... is pretty cool," he said.

The Anaheim competition is the third stop on the gaming tour. The top 16 individuals are seeded for StarCraft. The top 16 four-man teams are seeded for Halo and Call of Duty.

The competitors have travelled to Southern California from around the world -- Australia, Korea, Sweden. But come Sunday, the winner could come from the amateur ranks. That is part of what makes the weekend so exciting for so many players. That, and getting to play video games all weekend long.

Friday evening, many teams were practicing. Some wear headsets to block out the noise and help them stay focused. Some were dressed in matching collared shirts, others in team T-shirts with nicknames on the back. Some teams had shirts with the name of their corporate sponsors on them. Video gaming is big, big business.

To make sure spectators can see all the action three giant stages have been mounted with video screens and live, color commentary. In addition to watching the games, attendees can meet some of the pros, and check out some of the latest video game products. 

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