Mall Wars: Americana vs. Galleria

Have the retail foes kissed and made up?

Building the gigantic, Grove-style Americana mall right next to the already pretty big Glendale Galleria has been a head-scratcher since day one. Besides the increased traffic concerns, wouldn't they dilute each others' clientele, effectively canceling out? Up 'til now these two have fought each other like Lauren and Heidi, but now it looks like the kids have figured out how to play nice in the retail sandbox. Here's how it played out:

Round 1: The Galleria says no-way Jose you're in my sandbox, files suit alleging Americana violates environmental laws.
Round 2: Judge says tough cookies, play nice: lets Americana proceed with its plans for world-shopping domination.
Round 3: Americana sues back, alleging interference and unfair business practices (Mom, it's not fair!).
Round 4: Smackdown. Galleria pays $89 million to say "sorry" for trying to block Cheesecake Factory from cheesing up Americana.

And then, there was light. The Americana opened, and the people came -- to both malls. Galleria's attendance went up too. Makes sense when you think about it. Here's why:

The Americana: H&M, fountains, trolley rides and that blessed cheesecake.
The Galleria: Target, Nordstrom, a roof for when it's cold and stuff we can actually afford.

Everybody's happy! So glad that's a wrap. Now let's shop (Christmas, the economy) in peace (only with cash) and harmony.

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