Caught on Camera: Armed Robber in a Skull Mask Holds Up Tam's Burgers Employee

The man is wanted in at least two other armed robberies, including one in which a woman was pistol-whipped

A man wearing a skull mask is wanted in connection with at least three armed robberies, including one in which a woman was beaten with a pistol

Police identified Daniel Joseph Macias the suspect on a violent crime spree. One of the victims of the violent robberies spoke with NBC4 and described the frightening events, some of which were caught on security camera.

"Everything happened so quick," says Xavier Cruz, a victim of a recent robbery. "It was fast."

Cruz is still shaken by the holdup, where a robber with a skull mask pulled up to a restaurant drive-thru window armed with a revolver.

"As soon as he pulled up, I opened the winder and I asked, 'Can I have your order? He pulled out the gun," Cruz said. "I was just trying to give him the money as fast as possible so I could get out of there."

One night earlier, the robbery suspect is captured on security video, running into Tam's Burgers wearing his trademark skull mask and robbing a worker. The woman was so frightened that she decided not to return to work.

Police said Macias' crime spree started on Friday night, when he allegedly pistol whipped a woman as she walked to her apartment. The woman was robbed, and later, her car was stolen.

Now, Macias is a man on the run, with police searching for the armed robber.

Police believe the man committed the robberies in a black SUV, and the vehicle he stole from the woman on Friday night is a 2009 black Volkswagen SUV.

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