Martha Goes to Market

Martha Stewart's making for Farmers Market -- well, for one specific shop -- to sign her new book.

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Martha Stewart -- just "Martha" to some of you, "Ms. Stewart" to others, the queenly doyenne of all that is good and domestic to still more -- often talks of marketing, and we don't mean it in the traditional sense (although she does have a handle on that as well). 

We're talking rather the art of going to market, the careful choosing of the most exquisite shallot, the gleamingest apple, limes that are sublime.

Now Ms. Stewart is making for one of the original markets, a market so famous it has "market" in its very name: Farmers Market. The best-selling author and television star and media mogul and chicken raiser will be signing "Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home" at cooking store Sur La Table -- which is on the east side of the landmark -- starting at 5PM on Monday, October 19th.

She was in Carlsbad on Sunday the 18th, and her next appearance after Farmers Market is in New York. So Angelenos, this is your Martha moment. Best get there Monday night.

And recs for Ms. Stewart... While you're at Farmers Market, be sure to try the divinity at Littlejohn's Candies. The queso at Loteria. And anything from Moishe's (although the muhammara is especially tempting).

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