McQueen, Machines, and “Bullitt”

The Jules Verne Festival remembers a cinema star.

No one, and we mean no one, is saying you should arrive at ArcLight Hollywood on Thursday, Nov. 11 in your lean and fierce Ford Mustang the way that Steve McQueen took those San Francisco hills in 1968's "Bullitt."

Oh, zoom up in your Mustang, if you like; that'd be so styling, of course. But gaining air and clearing asphalt crests was made for movies, not driving to movies. The Jules Verne Festival will be screening that famous Mustang-meets-sky-over-and-over flick at ArcLight in honor of Steve McQueen, an actor actors today still seek to emulate, or at least be inspired by in sartorial and cool-orial ways.

(Three words, young aspiring actors of today: turtlenecks and blazers.)

Jacqueline Bissett and Chad McQueen and Robert Vaughn and a bevy of big names will show for the event. There will be McQueenian remembrances, and that screening of "Bullitt," and other festive goings-on. The Jules Verne Festival, too, always puts on a moving amd memorable evening, regardless of subject matter or the artist they choose to fete.

Tickets are $25 to $45; everything starts at 7 p.m.

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