Mommy's Mad About the Movies

Mom is so not going to ding you for going a little less posh on Mother's Day. She knows how it is. She knows you're watching your cash. Everyone is, and she'll appreciate your thrift-mindedness. Plus, she'll love that you're taking her to the picture show. Everyone loves going to the picture show, especially when the movies are as fantastic as...

"Freaky Friday": All props to the Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsay Lohan starrer from a few years back, but the original from 1976 is a thing of weird, outlandish, polyester-wearing beauty. The vintage mom-daughter switcheroo tale is so of its day: the furniture, the clunker cars, the thick layer of 1970s-ish-ness on every object. Plus: Jodie Foster is adorable in all her braces-wearing gorgeousness, Barbara Harris is a goddess,and their sweet chemistry is as authentic as pie made from scratch. Sunday, May 10, Hammer Museum. 11AM

"Dr. Zhivago": Epic, lengthy, snowy, romantic; this Best Picture nominee from 1965 has long been one of those "gotta see it on the big screen" events. It is playing at the New Beverly on Mother's Day night, and a brief interview with some moms who were teens back in the '60s say this film is a favorite. Plus, the famous theme song: did every mother's jewelry box play it back in the day? We think yes. Sunday, May 10, New Beverly Cinema, 7PM.

"Mommie Dearest": We're not saying this particular movie is for every mother, but we do know several moms who completely devoured the dishy book the film was based on. If your mom has a bit of camp and a bit of cheek and likes her outlandish Hollywood tales, this could be the right pick. Note that "Mommie" is playing on Friday, May 8 in the afternoon, not Mother's Day, and the screening is free. Bonus! Plus four-dollar mimosas. Mom will like that. The Art Theatre of Long Beach, 2:30PM.

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