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PEDEGO ELECTRIC BIKE: The electric bike has been in the news lately -- sales are up -- and we're going to make one guess as to why. When times are a bit tighter, shoppers look for multiple uses from one item; always have, always will. Electric bikes, beyond being retro'd-out and spunky, allow the rider to take it a bit easy with the power on, and then pedal away once their energy is back. Double duty. We're dreaming of this Pedego take on the two-wheeled classic. Maybe for Christmas? $1595

THE KNOW-PED: The push scooter may be the get-around choice of little boys carrying frogs and slingshots in their pockets. Wait. We guess this is real life, not a movie. Which means that everyone likes a good push scooter, even grown-ups. Especially grown-ups. This model comes in four colors, including a bright pink. We're picturing ourselves cruising up the Strand, the pier in the distance, now. $159.04 

FLY LONDON SALLYS: Just in case you use shoes to move, primarily. These fabulous Fly London trods have a late-September feel -- maybe it is the mustards and the browns -- and we found 'em at for $136.80. But you can eye all the stylish trainers and wedgies and pumps at the Fly London site. If you like the pretties above, we're just thinking you should clear the next 20 minutes before you click over. Advice.

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