Movie-Pretty Neighborhood Opens Doors for Lookie-Loos

You don't have to be a fan of "Six Feet Under" or "Numb3rs" to have occasionally come across the locations used by the shows; you've probably seen them in magazines or on commercials. Because the homes are striking, historic, made for the camera. And they're located in West Adams, one of the better known older communities in a city with multitudes of well-known older communities.

Its entertainment connections, its history and its beauty are just some of the reasons people adore this 10 Freeway-adjacent neighborhood, and its annual Landmarks of West Adams tour. The tour is self-guided (and a car/transportation is necessary), and takes participants by a handful of great, cupola- and stained glass-laden-ish structures. A Craftsman-y Greene & Greene residence is on the 2009 map, as is an 1887 farmhouse.

An 1887 farmhouse in the middle of go-go-go LA fills us with a special joy. We need to just think about this for a minute. Okay, done.

By the way, the "Six Feet Under" and "Numb3rs" houses are not on the tour, but we asked a docent last year where to find 'em. They're an easy toodle-by, but even if you don't toodle, you'll see plenty of prettiness during the day. Tour: Saturday, June 6. 10AM-4PM. $25 general.

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