Museum-Based Jam-Making

Fallen Fruit throws a Public Fruit Jam.

How do we know fall is coming? The scent of freshly boxed No. 2 pencils wafting over from aisle three is a good hint. But a very close second is the store section devoted to all things canning.

If you're a city dweller, and you've only ever opened cans, rather than put edible things in cans, that can all change on Sunday, Aug. 1 when Fallen Fruit leads an afternoon of jam-makery at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The Public Fruit Jam is part of the EATLACMA series. It's free, and the tastiest bit of all is you'll walk home with a jar of your own. But what will you put in your sticky-sweet concoction? We like the traditional stone fruits, but something like green chile or chives can really zing the sweet spread up.

Again, we mention the free part, because we bet a lot of people will show. Get there early, as it is a first-come deal. Tickets start being pressed into pre-sticky palms at noon on Aug. 1.

Now, next time you smell pencils, and you're near the canning section, won't you feel a smidge more confident? Not about your ability to smell pencils. We mean canning. Won't you feel canning pride? After all, you and homemade jam'll go way back.

But do we mean "homemade" in this case, or "museummade"? Museummade jam. Yum.

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