Museum Month: San Diego's Half-Off February

Heading south in February? Culture up around town, for less.

HALF-OFF, WE LIKE YOU: Look, plain and simple, the story is this: If we have to choose between "half-off" and "free," the chances are very strong that we're going to slide over to the free side of things. But "half-off" should be given half a chance, too; that's a chunk of change saved on whatever you're spending on, and if it happens to be a beautiful, brain-growing, culture-nice kind of thing, well... you almost feel like you want to put the chunk of change saved back towards the institution you just enjoyed. And while museums very often have a free-day-of-the-month, it is a far rarer sight to see a bundle of museums in a major city -- say, a city like San Diego -- go all in together, in the half-off realm, for an entire month. But some 45 places do just that, each February, in what is called Museum Month, which is presented by the San Diego Council Museums.

MUSEUM MONTH, REVEALED: The institutions run the geographic, topical, genre gamut -- The California Center for the Arts, Escondido, Heritage of the Americas Museum, and the Museum of Photographic Arts are all participants -- and the exhibits and doing within go beyond the gamut's lines into varied and individual areas. It's a diverse and fascinating collection of places, for sure, and one could probably do all 45 museums in one February-long swoop if one was gifted with plenty of time. But if you've got a San Diego weekend ahead, best choose a couple of must-see spots, and then make for a San Diego area Macy's, which is where museum goers will find passes.

HOW MANY CAN VISIT? On one pass? Oh, that's a fine question, and one that is best answered before you and your party approach a museum's gate. "Up to four people" may enter on a pass, so find your trio of nearest and dearest adventurers, and then soak up San Diego's delightful cultural offerings for half-off. See, "half-off" really is so lovely. "Free"? You still rule the roost, but make a little room on your throne for all of the good half-off deals in this world.

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