Neil + Magic=Happy Weekend

Mr. Harris is hosting an enchanting evening.

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Neil Patrick Harris could lend out some of his natural razzmatazz to other razzmatazz-lacking performers.

But we don't want him to. We want him to keep it all to himself, so when he does things like host the 42nd Annual Awards of the Academy of Magical Arts, like he's doing on Sunday, April 11, we can enjoy his inimitable entertaining abilities.

He probably comes by his razzmatazz in part because he likes magic. And people who like magic are magical. Don't fight us on that. Have you been to the Magic Castle? Or even just watched someone at some party do a card trick?

The Annual Awards of the Academy of Magical Arts will have a whole cavalcade of presenters -- Jason Alexander and Christina Hendricks, to name two more razzmatazz-y individuals -- as well as a line-up of enchanters ready to enchant. Best of all, tickets are available to the magic-loving public. How often is it that we get a chance to go to an awards show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris? Not often is the correct answer.

The show's at Avalon Hollywood on Sunday, April 11.  Tickets start at $75. Call 323-851-3313 x434 or email

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