Neil Patrick Harris, “Rent” Actor and Director

He's helming one of the summer's biggest Bowl shows.


Neil Patrick Harris has become, over the last few years, the apple of many eyes around Hollywoodland.

Whether he's rascalling-it-up on "How I Met Your Mother" or putting in a showstopper at the Oscars, Mr. Harris has been that stand-up guy. And "Dr. Horrible?" We still want a full-length feature. Maybe a prequel? Moist can star.

Now Neil Patrick Harris is directing "Rent," which will be on-stage at the Hollywood Bowl in a matter of days, and a few rehearsal peeks have been released, including one of him getting directorial with stars Vanessa Hudgens and Skylar Astin.

We're putting this up for a few reasons. One, it is a Monday, and some NPH has a way of de-Monday-ing things. Two, "Rent" is straight ahead, from Friday, Aug. 6-Sunday, Aug. 8, and if you want tickets, you'll want to do the usual ticket-procuring-things immediately.

And three. Neil Patrick Harris was in "Rent" back in the day; he played intense filmmaker Mark Cohen. But isn't everyone intense in "Rent"? One reason, among many, the Broadway hit has staying power.

Our point: It would be fantastic if all directors could have played a part in the production they are directing. Lends a fuller experience, we imagine. And actor-director is an underused hyphenate in our books. With kudos to you, Mr. Eastwood.

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