New Autry Farmers Market

A weekly Griffith Park stroll-and-shop debuts at the end of April.

The kick-around-able spaces in our city our plentiful, but one of the easiest places to let go and be loose and enjoy some peace is Autry-adjacent.

You certainly know what we mean by this, if you've been to the Autry National Center or its neighbor, the LA Zoo. It's as Griffith-Park-y as all get out in that corner of our megalopolis's largest wild space, and perfect for the flying of kites or the enjoying of picnics or the playing of catch.

Meaning that when another outdoors and pleasant event is lined up for an Autry-close debut, it doesn't feel shoehorned in the least. It feels organic, which makes sense with what we're about to say here. A farmers market, full of organic goodies, will debut outside the Autry on Saturday, April 28.

The 16 or so farmers at the LA City Farm-backed gathering will sell everything from hummus to almond butter to frou-frou cheeses (the best kind of cheeses, in our book). Novy Ranch, Cobblermania, and Milkman Artisan Cheeses will be some of the names scrawled on signs next to the strawberries and cheddars.

Best of all? This is not a one-time thing. Hello, weekly Griffith Park farmers market-type shopping.

As with other farmers markets dotting our fair city, hot and prepared food'll be served. Did someone say crepes? Oh, we did. The Autry promises a mimosa bar, too, which is an excellent promise to make.

Other nice and sunshiny haps'll abound, like music and Ping Pong. Griffith Park, you are so nice, but we won't deny that a lovely farmers market will only up your pluses immensely.

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