Nick Young Keeping Lakers Laughing In Locker Room

After the loss to the Miami Heat, Nick Young kept the mood light in the locker room.

Win or lose, these Los Angeles Lakers get along.

After a narrow loss to the Miami Heat on Christmas Day, the cameras and microphones streamed into the Lakers’ locker room searching for the flashy Nick “Swaggy P” Young. Young had put on a show for the fans and national audience by accepting the challenge of attacking LeBron James one-on-one. The back and forth did not result in a win for LA, but Young held his own and even gained some new fans.

“Count me in on the Swaggy P bandwagon,” former NBA player and current commentator Steve Kerr tweeted. “He shoots every time, but his heart is in the right place and he's pure entertainment out there!”

As the cameras crowded around Young answering questions, Xavier Henry came out of the shower and attempted to get to his locker and get dressed. Henry’s locker is next to Young’s. Swaggy P stopped mid-answer, looked at Henry and took the time to embarrass his young teammate.

“You fart like that when you came over here?” Young accused a red-faced half-naked Henry. “C’mon man…It’s Christmas!”

Henry’s locker is to the left of Young’s locker, and Jordan Hill’s locker is to the right of Young’s locker. Swaggy P was not finished embarrassing his teammates.

“We missed four free throws, too. That could have put us up. Jordan Hill missed two, to throw Jordan Hill under the bus.”

Hill was still dressing inches away, and he looked over at Young with a half-smile. On another team in a different environment, a comment like that could tear a team apart—not this team.

For the remainder of the interview, Hill and Henry peered down at Young holding intimidating stances and listening to every word, but both were smiling to show this was a group of guys that gets along.

“Pass the ball, though,” Hill interrupted Young’s interview at one point.

“That’s how you feel?” Young retorted with a smile.

As Young was asked what it would take to start winning, Hill jumped in and started talking.

“Man, we got to go out there and work hard,” Hill stuck his head in front of Young’s face. “We got to go out there and compete.”

“This is about me though,” Young interrupted.

“Oh, my bad,” Hill said clearly knowing what he was doing.

Even in defeat, these Lakers joke around and genuinely like each other.

“I’m Santa Claus today,” Young wrapped up the comedy session dressed in a red shirt, tight red pants and red shoes. Henry and Hill could not hold back their laughter when Young’s outfit was described as “stylish.”

These Lakers may laugh at each other, but they laugh together.

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