No Sparkly Shoelaces Required for Walking Holiday

If we walked between our couch and the refrigerator like 500 times -- and some days it feels like we do -- we'd have a pretty solid round of exercise under our belt. We often think about that, and then we think, why are we just doing this regularly, outside, or on a track, and without consuming various crackers topped with deli meats and cheeses at regular intervals?

The American Heart Association, along with your doctor, your mother, your sister's masseuse, and the guy who leans over your cubicle every afternoon even though you're completely swamped, knows what we all know and should regularly follow up on: walking rocks. It is easy, doesn't take any start-up cash, it can be done practically anywhere. And, with that in mind, the AHA is proclaiming Wednesday, April 8 as National Start! Walking Day (yep, there's an exclamation in there, and we support that).

The health-minded org's got tips on observing this get-fitter festivity, including getting your workplace involved; we like the whole wear-your-sneakers-to-the-office bit. Even if you don't go that route, finding a nice area near where you live, or a school or community center that keeps a track open for the community, is a cinch. The path to our fridge is already way too worn down. We need a fresh, fun, mostly cheese-less scene...

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