No Sun in Yuma? Eat Free

SUNNY CITY: When we heard about a very interesting offer that is soon to commence in Yuma, we thought about how the town is a frequent stop for SoCal denizens making their way into Southern Arizona (or just to enjoy Yuma's desert beauty and amazing dunes). And we also thought about the offer itself, and how we hadn't seen its like before (although it turns out that there's an historic precedent for it). So, that offer? Here goes. Starting on Aug. 1, 2011, Yuma will offer a free meal to hotel guests every day the sun doesn't shine.

YES, WE KNOW: If you've been to Yuma, the sun is shining. That's what lends Yuma its special Yuma-ness, in part; 350 days year of pure beamy hot goodness. But that means there will be about 15 or so days when a free meal is for the taking. The deal will include a voucher for a gratis meal at a participating local restaurant the day following the less-than-sunny day, or $10 off a meal. Not bad.

HISTORY SAYS: There's a precedent for it. A century or so ago, the city of Yuma made the same offer.

CODE GLOOM: The Yuma Visitors Bureau and local weatherpeople will announce a "Code Gloom" on sunless days; then the vouchers will be given to interested parties who are staying at local hotels. We'd head out to those glorious dunes while awaiting our free meal.

OH YEAH: "The Guinness Book of World Records" says that Yuma is the world's sunniest spot. Do you feel the challenge? Yeah, you do.

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