No Surprise, Really: People in LA Use Twitter Like, a Lot

Look, we laugh along, har-dee-har-har, for a good while, at all those movies and television that portray Angelenos as self-absorbed, narcissistic, overly in touch with their feelings, their ambitions, their callings, their higher purposes. Oh, and always on the phone with someone assuring them that they're beautiful inside. And the primping. Oh, the primposity is high.

Satirize away, we think; we think, as a lover of LA, we can take it. But, we wonder, will that general theme of LA people constantly holding a mirror up to themselves only be fed by the recent finding that there is more Twittering going down here in the Southland than in any other city in the nation? We even beat the so-called Twitterati of New York City, which boasts tweeting media mogul types aplenty.

We have to believe this is a positive development, that we're all so Twitter mad. It says that LA, as always, is at the forefront of trends (yes, we said it Silicon Valley). Now if only we can find a way to nab the top overall spot from London. How are our Brit buds Twittering more than us? Twitterers of SoCal, the gauntlet has been thrown.

Oh, and dear everyone who loves to satirize our city's rampant self-absorbedness: please keep at it. Says you're interested. (We'd end here with a smiley face and a wink, but, we think you get the idea.)

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