Not Everyone Excited About “Dodgertown” Designation

Last month the city—in time for the Dodgers 50th anniversary in LA—renamed the area encompassing Dodger Stadium as "Dodgertown": meaning the 276-acre area will have its own zip code and (pseudo) neighborhood designation. But for residents who recall the city takeover of Chavez Ravine in the late '50s, where some residents were dragged from their homes so their residences could be bulldozed for the stadium and parking lots, there's a dearth of celebratory sentiment, writes the AP's John Rogers. "I think 'Dodgertown' further eradicates the memory of the community that was lost to the construction of Dodger Stadium," Eric Avila, a professor at UCLA, tells the newswire. The designation, put forth by Councilman Ed Reyes, still needs federal approval because of the zip code change. No residences will be part of Dodgertown, and Albert Elias, who was pushed out of his Chavez Ravine home in the '50s, says, "'Dodgertown,' huh? How can you call it a town when no one lives there anymore?"
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