Nutty for Knott’s Nostalgia

Eric Lynxwiler

KNOWING KNOTT'S: It's hard to talk about the early days of Knott's Berry Farm and not use the words "boysenberry," "fried chicken," and "haunted shack," so we won't even try. And those words will be coming up, a lot, during Charles Phoenix's May 15 Knott's Berry Farm slide show. Actually, make that slide shows; the history-loving funny man has two afternoon shows scheduled for Sunday, May 15. Are you totally fingers-crossing right now that they're happening in the Bird Cage Theatre at Knott's? Uncross those fingers; they are.

LOVING LOOK BACK: Mr. Phoenix, who is known for his massive collection of mid-century slides, is picking out the best Knottsian gems for the day; as always, he'll provide colorful commentary for each image. Will you see yourself, or your dad, standing in the middle of Ghost Town back in the day? Could happen. The Buena Park theme park has quite the long history -- the famous farm stand dates to the 1920s -- so count on several decades popping up over the afternoon. A ticket is $65 (which is also a park pass, at least from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.). Is Mom a born-and-bred SoCal gal? And can she take a rain-check on Mother's Day? We'd make this her gift. (Of course, best buy her brunch on Mother's Day proper; rain-checks should never replace a bit of day-of love.)

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