Oak Glen Apple Blossom Festival

Do you adore the community's apple-fun fall days? Here's the spring-sweet party.

THE FLIP SIDE OF CIDER: When you ponder a day trip out to Oak Glen, you might immediately envision yourself in some sort of turtleneck, or plaid outfit, the kind of outfit that is made for devouring several cider doughnuts in a row. For plaid is not only a classic clothing choice when autumn rolls around, but it can easily hide any sugar that falls from an apple-licious doughnut, as you pop the doughnut in question into your mouth. But there are other day trips to be had out to the tree-rich, Yucaipa-close area, and one of the most spring-like happens in April. That's when the "flip side of cider" is afoot, if you will, for you won't find ripe apples on the trees but, rather, the sight that comes before those ripe apples: apple blossoms. For while apples rule the fall, flowers rule the spring, and the charming region pauses to celebrate the fragrant happening when the weather warms. The 2017 budly bash is on...

SATURDAY, APRIL 15 AND SUNDAY, APRIL 16, and several doings will come to full bloom in and around Oak Glen. Look for tractor driving, apple pie making, and "Everything Apple" baking contest on April 15, and oodles of other homespun activities. And, of course, there shall be apples, lots of apples, which are very much a fall symbol but can be enjoyed in the spring. So munch one as you gaze upon the blossoms and take part in an old-fashioned, country-style pursuit. Before you know it, fall will return, and, with it, Oak Glen's famous Apple Days, which have a pinch of cinnamon to them, while the Apple Blossom Festival, in the spring, is pure, flowery breeze.

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