OC BBQ Bonanza

GRILL GALA: How serious is the Orange County BBQ Bonanza? One: It's four days long. Two: It's got "bonanza" in its name (we would advise an event to not mess with the word unless things tend to get extremely epic). And three? There's a VIP Rib Village on the grounds. Serious. It's all sizzlin' at the Fountain Valley Sports Park from Thursday, Aug. 18 to Sunday, Aug. 21. It's a fiver to get in, and then various plates'll run anywhere from two bucks to twenty five dollars. If you go the VIP Rib Village route, that's a hundred dollars, but it is an all-you-can-eat-type sitch, at least within Rib Village. For some reason we just want to keep typing "Rib Village" as much as we can, because those two words delight.

ON THE SIDE: Bonne Musique Zydeco, The Mighty Cash Cats, and the vintage country stylings of Lazy Brad Lewis are part of the the bonanza. There are a bunch of brew logos on the web site, too, in case you're curious as to whether you can sip some suds alongside your smoky meats. You can (if you're of age, of course). Our favorite part of the event, aside from that it is a bonanza and there's a VIP Rib Village, is that you can get to know your cookers ahead of time, and see all the competitions they've won. We like meeting the people at the grills. Friendly, and all that.

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