OC Egg Drop for National Engineer's Week

"Tinkerers and builders of all ages" can participate in the Discovery Science Center fun.

STEADY ON THE SPOON: Think back, if you will, to your best pal's birthday party, 'round about 3rd or 4th grade, when one of the main games involved guests running several yards while holding a spoon. Well, not any spoon, but a spoon holding a raw egg. Balance is everything, but so is speed; jog too slowly and your competitors will best you, and move too speedily and your egg will plop upon the ground in spectacular, yolky fashion. Did you win? Did you really want the prize at the end? (Probably a paddle ball or a balsa wood plane, if we were at the same party.) Then you got your egg, in one shell-covered piece, to the finish line.

NOW TAKE THAT BOLD SPIRIT... to the Discovery Cube OC, on the last day of February, where "tinkerers and builders of all ages" will pay big-brained homage to Engineer's Week with none other than a classic Egg Drop. Well, classic and yet so cerebral: Participants are being asked to "(d)esign and build an egg transport vehicle (ETV) to safely withstand the punishing effects of gravity and accurately land an uncooked large grade A egg traveling through vertical space of up to 7.62 meters." A total cinch, right? A snap? Especially after you totally won the egg-spoon race lo these many years ago? Then be in Santa Ana on...

SATURDAY, FEB. 28: There are some asterisks and to-knows before you construct your amazing, revolutionary, egg-awesome ETV, so get the info before plotting the air-lofty path of your protein-y, breakfast-foodian test subject. The Discovery Cube OC is marking the engineer-focused week with other smarty happenings, including parachute tests and a light workshop, so even if eggs aren't your bag something else might be. Are you longing for the Discovery Cube OC's autumntime pumpkin toss? Don't worry, that's only just over a half year away. For now, you can put an into-the-air spin on the ol' egg-spoon dash. Wishing you luck, and that's no yolk.

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