Omni La Costa's Family Adventure Package

Play at LEGOLAND and then play at the resort's pools.

THE RUN UP TO THE HOLIDAYS... is often described as "hectic" and "busy" and "non-stop" but everyone knows December also has its longer stretches. Think of the 45 minutes you waited for the school pageant to start, because the backdrop wouldn't hang right, or the line for gift wrap at any store (just fill in the blank with a name). It's no wonder that vacation packages that start near the start of the year talk about "unwinding" and "slowing down" and "taking it easy" after those hectic/busy holidays that went non-stop. It's the rarer getaway package, at least 'round January and February, that involves some zoom, some go, some get-up-and-do.

OMNI LA COSTA RESORT & SPA in Carlsbad recognizes that not only were our holidays not completely hectic, as we're sometimes told they are, but that people still want to be on the active, have-fun side of things even after the eventful season ends. Especially if there are kids about, kids who adore LEGOs, and own approximately 5,698 of 'em -- too low? -- and especially if there are two one-day tickets to LEGOLAND in the package. Did you visit the recent LEGO-focused convention in Pasadena? Are you excited for those LEGO-created beasties headed for Rancho Palos Verdes in February? Then book at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, ask for the Family Adventure, and get those...

TWO ONE-DAY TICKETS... to LEGOLAND, in addition to "free meals for kids under 12" at the resort. The hotel is also home to more than one pool, including Splash Landing Pools, which include "two 100-foot waterslides," and the Sandy Beach Family Pool, where it is indeed possible to construct a pool-close sandcastle. The Family Adventure Package is available through March 15, and rates kick off at $179 per night. If your December didn't have quite enough "do" to it, here's where you step it up (between bouts of relaxing poolside, natch).

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