Outside Lands: Eager Beaver Passes

Doing that whole day-counting thing? August is on its way, festival fans, and you can get the jump.

"GETTING A JUMP"... on something frequently means, at least in terms of our ever-on-the-go, stay-always-forever-busy worlds, wrapping up everyday to-dos and this-and-that business. In short? We gotta wrap our errands, boy, and book that appointment, and clean the kitchen before the party this weekend, and, and... Well, yeah. All necessary, no quibbles, and definitely clean your kitchen, as that's where 90% of your guests'll be hanging out, for sure. But "getting a jump" can also apply to our sweet and fancy-free revelries, too, the non-everyday stuff that adds the fragrance and fun-time-ing to our worlds. For instance, if there was a huge, three-day music-and-food festival, the kind of mega weekend-big bash that taps all of your happy spots, wouldn't you also want to get the jump on that, if such a jump were to be made possible? You likely would, yes. Now get your leaping sneakers on, for...

OUTSIDE LANDS 2017... is about to start selling a bunch of Eager Beaver Tickets to the Aug. 11 through 13 music festival. Prepare to see "...ALL 3-day tickets" become available for purchase on Thursday, March 30, yep yep, so we're talking general admission, VIP, and shuttle and parking passes, too. If it is your true and faithful intention to attend the Golden Gate Park party as much as you possibly can, as in all three days, as in all the hours it is on, obviously a 3-dayer pass is the wise way to go. So how 'bout it, Eager Beavers? Can getting a jump on stuff also include the stuff that makes life extra sweet? You don't need to nibble away at that question, like a log, for the answer: "Getting a jump" also meanings jumping into the joyful things, too. (Now time to clean the kitchen, or at least wipe down the counters.)

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