Palm Springs Follies Celebrates Its 21st

FOLLIES FAB: Other productions may attempt to play it cool and tone it down and de-sequin and de-fringe, and that is their choice. No judgment. But thank goodness the Palm Springs Follies is just as dedicated as ever to being as lively and as fun and as packed with vim and vigor as a stage show can be. Watching the Follies, which kicks off year 21 on Tuesday, Nov. 1, is like being wrapped up in a big, feathery boa for a couple of hours. And who hates that? No one. The songs and the dancing and the razzmatazz are pretty unmatched anywhere, and let's give it up for the performers. Many of the Follies regulars are in their 70s. So when the organizers say the show, which highlights a lot of golden tunes from a half-century back, are "performed by a cast definitely old enough to remember the way it really was!," they aren't fibbing. And the italics? Theirs. That's what we're talking about. Even the italics from the Palm Springs Follies have cheek and zest.

TOP HIGHLIGHTS: We like the rotating guest stars -- John Davidson is up first, then Maureen McGovern is on in the new year, and more favorites are coming down the road -- and we like "the Legendary Line of Long-Legged Lovelies." A Follies tradition. Another tradition we like? The themes. This season it is Hot! Hot! Hot!, so count on loads of summertime-flavored songs and jokes. 

Tickets run from $50 to $93; check out what you need to know.

Here's the preview for the 21st season, which, again, debuts the day after Halloween and ends on May 20, 2012. You're feeling the razzmatazz, we hope? We're feeling the sequins. More sparkly sequins for everyone!

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