“Paper Heart” Sweetheart Rocks the Steve Allen

Perhaps you've seen the trailers for "Paper Heart" here and there and thought, what is that? Is it a documentary, a movie-movie, some sort of in-between thing, or something new? There's a general inability to pinpoint what category the winsome-y "Paper Heart" fits into, but the inability to fit the film into a particular slot fits Charlyne Yi, the performer behind the flick.

She's a comedian, she sings, she acts (you probably saw her in Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up"), she hails from Fontana and used to drive into LA, again and again and again, to break into the business at various comedy clubs. We like hearing that. We like breaking-into-Hollywood stories in general, and Yi's is a great example of persistence and gumption. Yes, gumption. Maybe even a bit of can-do, too. Applauding that.

The comic has a bunch of special guests lined up for her Saturday, May 30 Steve Allen Theater show, including Fred Armisen. "Paper Heart" plays at the Los Angeles Film Festival at the end of June.

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