Partying Downtown Gets Easier/Safer/New-Yorkier

First it was keeping the Red Line open later for clubbers who did not want to see their own front door before the wees; now downtown welcomes the "Hail-a-Taxi" program, which, starting on Monday, December 8, permits taxis to stop in formerly forbidden zones (it used to be you had to get yourself to a hotel to get a cab, which could be a hike). We've been sad to see a driver with an empty car pass us -- the driver looked sad, too -- so how good is this news? Very.

So what's the upshot? While it may not be as easy as flagging down a cab in the Big Apple (although we've had our issues there, too; we think our hailing-a-cab arm is a little weak, truth be told), catching a taxi in downtown LA is going to get less headache-y. Part of the thought behind this push, which was backed by LADOT and Councilwoman Jan Perry among others, is that it is better for the taxi drivers -- shorter jaunts around downtown equals more cashola, rather than waiting for that giant, golden fare across town -- and better for businesses and the people who patronize them. 

Have your glass of wine at the Music Center, then head over to the Edison, then hop by Cole's, then party on at the Golden Gopher, all without having to take your own keys in your hand. Very smart, and definitely a boon for the continued blossoming of downtown.

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