Peking Acrobats in Long Beach

Thrill to athletic skills and graceful movements, at the Carpenter Center.

ELEGANT EXTRAVAGANZA: If you've ever attempted to balance on one foot, perhaps while you reached for a dish on a high shelf, you know that there is a moment of uncertainty, of side-to-side-ing, and chances of you at least needing to stabilize yourself, against the counter, are pretty solid. Which makes the art of acrobatic feats so much more moving and thrillable. We know, as humans, what it means to attempt balance, on an almost daily basis, and how challenging perfect balance and harmony are to achieve. But this isn't so for the acclaimed Peking Acrobats. The troupe will call upon the Carpenter Performing Arts Center at Cal State Long Beach on Saturday, Jan. 21 for a feat-filled evening of elegant balancing, powerful athleticism, exquisite costuming, and centuries-old storytelling expressed through movement.

IT IS BUT FOR ONE NIGHT, so secure a ticket (they start at $35) to see the troupe in person. The performers have been visiting points around the globe for over three decades now, and their show often includes such diverse elements as a unicycle (several acrobats ride at once) to stackable chairs (a centerpiece of the Peking Acrobats' eye-amazing spectacular) to plate spinning (flat-out fabulous). Chinese lions have cameo'd in the past, too, making this a history- and art-laden treat as we approach the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rooster. Tickets? Find your seat here and prepare to admire polished acrobat-tastic feats aplenty.

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