Pinot Bistro Salutes Tour de France

Chicken croquettes, duck confit, potato galette, too

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Still waiting for that culinary World Cup-Tour de France mash-up.

Someone, somewhere, we hope, will whip up a banquet that includes regional specialties representing the teams in the World Cup semi-finals, as well as the homelands of the leaders in le ultimate bicycle race.

But for now, for this one week when both events share time-and-mind space, we are happy to enjoy both however we can get them. Our Tour de France tasting spot will be Pinot Bistro, which is serving a race-saluting menu, as it has done in years past.

The courses include macaroons, croquettes, a potato-chive fondue, escargot gratin. And many, many other savories. Prices is $45 -- $65 with le wine -- and runs through July 25.

Pinot Bistro is located in Studio City. The Tour de France is located at various points around France. Potato-chive fondue is forever located in our fondest foodie wishes.

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