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With warm temperatures and clear skies, Lake Havasu City is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. From the rugged landscape to the clear waters, this desert oasis offers visitors an astonishing setting to come out and play.
Put that four-wheel drive truck to use and get off the pavement on the off-road trails around Lake Havasu City. Take your dirt bike through the open land, get some height with some serious rock crawling in your Jeep or kick up the dust as your all-wheel drive picks up speed in the open desert. Here dirt is a badge of honor, showing everyone that you dared to get out and explore the sights off the highway. 
If you don’t have a vehicle capable of handling the rough terrain, you can snag a Jeep, ATV or UTV at a number of off-road rental companies. Especially good if you’re a first-timer to the sport, these locals know the lay of the land and how to get the most out of your trip through the unspoiled desert. For example, several ATV trails bring you close to abandoned mining towns and the locals can tell you where to keep an eye out for old mine shafts as you pass through the scenery.
For those a little too nervous about getting behind the wheel in an unknown environment, Lake Havasu City is also home to great off-roading tours, such as Havasu Adventure Company Jeep Tours and Sandbar Watersports ATV Tours. You won’t miss a thing as you careen through the Sonoran Desert, since the expert guides will point out local plant and wildlife and give you some history of the area before you bask in an unbelievable sunset all from the comfort of the passenger seat.
Take a dip 
Be sure to pack the swim shorts and flip flops—as the name Lake Havasu City makes abundantly clear, the water is right within reach. With its sparkling clear and warm waters, Lake Havasu is one of the best boating lakes in the country. There are no size restrictions and minimal speed limits on the lake, so you can opt to race above the waves in a high-performance boat or enjoy a relaxing cruise in a large pontoon boat. And there’s plenty to do on the water, from exploring the canyons and cliffs along the river to getting up-close to the famed London Bridge over the Bridgewater Channel. Hidden beaches and coves along the shore offer perfect places to chill.
For those who don’t quite have their sea legs yet, tour boats shove off from Lake Havasu City and cruise along the waters to ensure you don’t miss a thing. If you feel the need for speed, hop aboard with Bluewater Jet Boat Tours where you’ll see Lake Havasu’s sights and enjoy the scenery from first-class seating in an air-conditioned cabin. For a slower pace with more steady photo opportunities, scope out the tours offered by Sunset Charter & Tour Co. aboard the Canyon Cruiser Kon Tiki.
Reel one in
One of the best fishing spots in the Southwest, Lake Havasu is filled with bass, catfish and more species to reel in. Anglers can land a boatload of freshwater fish from the many free fishing docks and piers or right in the water from personal boats. With big fish always biting in the warm waters, you won’t need to come up with an exaggerated fish tale once you’re finished.
Dozens of fishing events take place on the waters in Lake Havasu City year-round, so it’s likely you can participate during your stay. Catch the National Bass West Open Tournament and Weekend Warrior Bass Series events throughout the season and compete with other anglers to reel in the biggest fish.
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