Playa del Rey Would Rather Not Have a Happy Ending

Playa del Rey: In today's neighborhood controversy news, the folks behind Sunset Boulevard bar Happy Ending are trying to open a similar venue in the Culver Boulevard space that last housed The Del. However, nearby residents are up in arms because, you know, that name doesn't only imply the conclusion of a fairy tale:

"We are trying to inhibit businesses that have a clear sexual connotation in a residential community that has Little League fields around," said Playa del Rey resident Lisa Farris, referring to the ball fields at nearby Del Rey Lagoon Park.

Little League fields! Of course, the Happy Ending owners insist that the bar's name was chosen for "its inference to the happy ending of a good Hollywood story, or the happy ending to a long work day." In any event, the Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control is currently in the process of reviewing the liquor license transfer and has already received over 30 objections from Playa del Rey superneighbors. Stay tuned for the riveting climax (sorry).

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