LA Favorite on Playboy's List of Top Sandwiches

It's kind of a no-brainer.

Philippe's French dip sandwich made Playboy's list of the country's best sandwiches. The list's accopanying article takes a look at the sandwich's history.

"When a hungry Los Angeles fireman asked French immigrant Philippe 'Frenchy' Mathieu to dunk his roast beef sandwich in meat drippings to offset the stale roll it came on, neither knew that they were making sandwich history. Soon after, savvy customers caught on and began asking for sandwich makers to 'dip it like Frenchy,' and the legend was born."

The restaurant creates up to 4,500 French dip sandwiches per day, according to Playboy. Beef is the most popular.

With the exception of burgers, there were no limitations on Playboy's choices.

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