Poetry Lovers, Your Day Is Nigh

Tuck a poem in your pocket and share with co-workers.


Why do we like Poem in Your Pocket Day so? Let us count the ways.

1. The day encourages people to stick their favorite poem in their pocket, the better to share with others. None of us can quibble with that. And don't go trying to think up a quibble, either. It's nice, period.

2. It happens on Thursday, April 26. We can all agree that if any time of year is especially poem-ready, it is late April, when buds are bursting and buds are blooming and buds are budding and buds are performing in the ways that caused the poets of yore to cite them as often as they did.

3. The words "In Your Pocket" are in the name. Meaning that your favorite poem *should not* be accessed via your phone or tablet. Remember scraps of paper? Remember how sometimes there'd be things written on them and you'd stick 'em in the fabric square attached to the back of your jeans? Yeah.

4. But if your favorite poem is on your phone, whatevs. The point is to share some meaningful text. The delivery device shouldn't come into play in the end. We warned against quibbling, and there we were, quibbling.

5. It's free to share things that inspire us. And, please, your co-worker probably needs a bit of the Bard or some Gwendolyn Brooks or a few lines of Emily Dickinson. Heck, how about a limerick? Anything. Call it a way to connect, for a few seconds, that doesn't involve forwarding the latest viral video.

Better put out those trousers or slacks on the evening of April 25 so the sight of them, and their pockets, will remind you to find a poem before you head on out in the morning.

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