Pop Rocks Donut: OC Fair Foods

Ready for this year's outlandish batch of edibles?

WHEN YOU ENTER THE OC FAIR... where do you head for first? Do you go to the Midway to win a stuffed animal, followed by a fried treat? Do you visit the prized rabbits, followed by a fried treat? Do you wander by the artworks, to see which ones scored a blue ribbon, followed by a fried treat? See, we have this theory, and it goes like this: Even if eating isn't your first plan inside the gate at the annual Costa Mesa see-it-all spectacular, it probably is tacked onto the first thing you do. You probably have a general plan that you're going to pick up a cotton candy or hot dog after you ride that first coaster or play that first game, because the foods of the fair? They're superstars unto themselves with an allure that's hard to deny. And while all of the edibles are funky or street-food-y or easy-to-devour or all of the above, it is the annual parade of truly outlandish eats that catch the spotlight. Curious as to what's headed for the OC Fair & Event Center in 2014? 

LOOK FOR... the Cherry Pop Rocks Donut at Texas Donuts, for starters. Do you already feel the rocks a-poppin' as you chew down on all of that doughy yum? You do. There's also a new deep-fried Gansito this year at the stand, and a Peanut Butter Cup donut, too. 

PEANUT BUTTER CUP DONUT: We want to move on, here, to the next items, but those words are twirling around our brain. Ahem. Okay. Biggy's Meat Market is offering gluten-free buns this year, and that Big Rib is back. Goodness sakes. And Chicken Charlie's? The known-around-the-planet deep-fry innovators are going with Deep Fried Doritos as one of their major fair bites. Deep. Fried. Doritos.

ALL OF THIS... and more, more, more, more, more can be found at the OC Fair. It's on from July 11 through Aug. 10 in Costa Mesa.

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